A Christmas spending spree with a difference

Elecomm’s Service Account Manager, Nichole Mitchell, went on a spending spree with a difference this weekend at her local Killingbeck ASDA store. 

As one of our key customers, we wanted to thank ASDA for their continued custom with a special Christmas gift. Working with Asda’s corporate team we decided to give a charitable donation in recognition of our ongoing relationship and help those that really need it this Christmas.

Nichole spoke with Sarah at the Killingbeck store, who looks after food bank donations. Sarah told her that they split donations between Fair Share and St Richards.

St Richard’s is a local church near to Nichole’s home, so we decided to make the donation to them, as they are a much smaller charity.

Nichole rang St Richards and spoke to Liz, the Food Bank Coordinator, who gave us a list of things that they are desperate for this Christmas, including overlooked items such as deodorants, shampoo and feminine hygiene products.

Food-wise, Liz asked for tinned meats, veg and fruit, dried pasta, rice and sauces, condensed milk, mince pies and Christmas puddings.

The Scan and Go Assistants were very helpful, scanning the goods and helping with packing. Nichole managed to spend almost £250 on ASDA branded goods, and she was amazed how far the money went! The security lady then helped Nichole to load everything into her car. 

Nichole said:

‘I took all the bags to the food bank on Monday morning and they were overwhelmed. I hope our donation helps to make Christmas a little easier for local families in need. Thanks to the staff at the Killingbeck ASDA store for all their help.’

For information on how to donate to your local food bank this Christmas, visit https://www.trusselltrust.org/get-help/find-a-foodbank/

A Christmas spending spree with a difference Elecomm